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WE love trees

Trees are the cure for climate change. That's why Fine Hotels and Suites has been a partner of Trees for All since October 2020. Yeah! This organization is committed to planting and preserving forests all over the world. Since 1999 Trees for All has been an experienced provider of CO2 compensation in the Netherlands and is the only provider of CO2 compensation through sustainable forest projects to meet the strict requirements of the CBF quality mark. Thanks to donations from donors and companies, Trees for All is able to plant dozens of hectares of forest in the Netherlands and abroad every year. Super nice!

In addition, they restore existing forests and contribute to improved living conditions for people in developing countries. The organization has already planted or restored several forests and rainforests in Asia, Africa and the Netherlands. In South America, Africa and the Netherlands are currently still large projects of recovery and conservation in progress. Every day they work to create a green, but above all healthy planet.

FINE trees

Fine loves to contribute to this organization. How do we do this? We do this by donating 100 trees a year, yay! Of these 100 trees, 50 will be donated to the Dutch forests. The remaining 50 are donated to developing countries in order to contribute to the expansion and preservation of the forests there. These developing countries are Uganda and Costa Rica. This way we, Fine Hotels & Suites, as an organization want to compensate our ecological footprint!


Make a contribution as well!

Besides our own donation, Fine gives you the option as a guest to also contribute to this organization. How beautiful is that? You can do this by donating a tree with your reservation for €5,00. In this way you can also contribute to the environment and together we will help preserve our beautiful forests!

For more information visit the site of Trees For All via the button below!