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Fine sustainability

Casa Julia is located in the beautiful city, Delft. The Technical University and the historic city center are within walking distance. It goes without saying that our hotel cherishes the environment and as a modern company we take our responsibility for the consequences of our business operations. In all its activities, Casa Julia bears in mind the impact on people as well as the environment. In everything we do, sustainability is an key reference point. We act in the best interest of the hotel, the environment, our guests and staff.


To visualize our policy regarding Corporate Social Responsibility, we have been Green Key Gold certified since 2021. Some examples of the measurements we take include, actively contributing to the development of our sector along with to further educate those who wish to learn more. Moreover, we are constantly looking for improvements in our own purchasing process. We are looking at the possibilities for sustainable procurements. You can think of environmentally friendly detergents, energy-efficient lighting, organic and local Fair Trade products, eco-labeled printing paper and the usage of green electricity and gas. Hence, we include our suppliers to support us in our sustainable procurement policy. Therefore, many of our suppliers have signed a sustainability declaration. Furthermore, we make voluntary contributions to social causes, e.g. Trees for All and the Ronald McDonald House. These charities are supported by the sales of merchandise, sponsorships along with the performance of voluntary work by us.


Furthermore, we work continuously to reduce the environmental impact of our business. We encourage the use of public transport and bicycles. But also the separate the waste and the coffee residue is part of this plan. Additionally, it is very important to us to inform our staff about the role of sustainability within our company. With the purpose that they are able to convey this message to our guests. Therefore, we continuously educate as well as instruct our staff about the updates along with the latest trends and developments regarding sustainability.

In practice

In practice, this means that we have found a good balance between sustainable entrepreneurship and comfort. During your stay, you will contribute to the realization of our objectives without experiencing any inconvenience. For example, we use energy-efficient lighting throughout the hotel and save water by using special showers. The menu of our restaurant features dishes prepared primarily with organic products. In addition, various organic non- and alcoholic beverages are offered with a Fair Trade label. Climate control is strongly taken into account, without you getting too hot or too cold in your room or in one of the public areas. Did you know that there is even a Green Team appointed? They are involved in the development of new sustainability actions.


After spending the night at Casa Julia you will not only be good to start a new working day, but you will also have made a contribution to the conservation of nature and the environment!


Would you like to have more information about Green Key? Then take a look at the website:


The future

Green Key is part of the Foundation for Environmental Education FEE. This is a worldwide organization with members in more than sixty countries. At you can read all about the idealistic objectives of this organization: care for and awareness of nature, the environment and sustainability. So future generations still can enjoy our beautiful earth.