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Glas in lood Delft

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Feel at home. Be inspired by our stories. Let Casa Julia's many historic tales transport you into the past.

Delfts Blauw


Casa Julia Delft is located on Maerten Trompstraat and is brimming with local history. Maerten Trompstraat was named after the Dutch naval hero from the Golden Age. At that time, like the rest of the Republic of the Netherlands, Delft experienced a period of prosperity, religious freedom and enlightenment, but also war and rebellion. The city was a major commercial hub, because the famous 'Delft Blue' crockery was exported all over the world. This style of pottery remains the pride of Delft to this day. Delft heroes like Johannes Vermeer and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek also made their mark here, and we still enjoy their discoveries and artworks today.


There is also a beautiful history surrounding the premises of Casa Julia. The attractive corner building dates from 1920 and was designed by architect Jos Klijnen. Commissioned by a certain Mr Beekman, it was originally built as the Beekman Residence. Among other things, it served as an institute where extra tuition was given to Delft University of Technology students who needed additional study support. The building's architecture makes it unique among its kind – its cubist/expressionist design is rare in the works of Jos Klijnen, which is what makes it so special. When it ceased to be the Beekman Residence, the building was converted into a hotel in 1962 and named Hotel Juliana (after Julianastraat on the other corner).

Hotel vooraanzicht Delft
Vergaderen Delft


Fine Hotels & Suites acquired Hotel Juliana in 2016. Our first day at Hotel Juliana was a memorable one. The previous day, the former owners had bid farewell to their last guests. Throughout the hotel, images of Princess Juliana looked down kindly upon us from all angles. The jars of sugar and milk and the breakfast crockery were all still on the tables, as though the guests might come downstairs at any moment. Since there was relatively little time for a full-scale renovation, we decided to repaint everything white. This included the bathrooms, but the paint soon peeled away from the silicone sealant. This meant a second paint job was called for, throwing the schedule into disarray.

On 25 November 2016, Casa Julia opened its doors as part of the Fine Hotels & Suites chain. The history of the building and the beautiful city of Delft were the inspiration for the opening of Casa Julia and can be seen in the hotel's many historic details, such as the stained-glass window depicting traditional crafts above the staircase. In our little Huisje van Vermeer (house of Vermeer), we paid homage to the master painter from Delft, Johannes Vermeer. Not only is the conference venue named after Vermeer, it also features beautiful images of both the Milkmaid and the Girl with the Pearl Earring.


Casa Julia is a ‘casa’ in the true sense of the word. Upon entering, guests immediately experience a genuine feeling of home. Affordable luxury through a combination of accommodation, dining and meeting. The modern decor, stylish designer interior and heart-warming service will make you feel relaxed and welcome. Our colleagues are dedicated to making your stay unforgettable. With warm service and a smile, Casa Julia offers surroundings that feel just like home, but with an added touch of luxury.

Mi casa, su casa!

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